Educational Grant Program


The AFPSLAI Educational Grant Program caters to the educational needs of dependents of AFPSLAI Regular Members in need of financial assistance to pursue and complete tertiary education, giving priority to dependents of deceased AFPSLAI Regular Members.

Though the Program replaces the AFPSLAI Scholarship and Educational Assistance Program (SEAP), it will still provide its grantees the opportunity for education tuition through payment of tuition and miscellaneous fees, monthly stipend, books and board & lodging expenses.



  • Must either be a:
    • Regular member of AFPSLAI; or
    • Deceased and former regular member of AFPSLAI
  • With an aggregate annual family income not exceeding ₱950,000
  • Sponsor (if not deceased) and spouse (if a member) must be in good standing with AFPSLAI


  • Legitimate / Illegitimate or legally adopted child of married / unmarried sponsor
  • In the absence of children, legitimate / illegitimate or legally adopted brother or sister of single / unmarried sponsor
  • Must be an incoming first year college student


  • Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) certified Death Certificate of sponsor (if applicable)
  • Proof of highest educational attainment such as report cards, true copy of grades / transcript of records duly certified by the school principal / registrar
  • Copy of entrance examination result or certificate of acceptance from the school he / she is interested to enroll in
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character from the high school principal
  • PSA-certified Birth Certificate of applicant or in the absence thereof, certification from the Local Civil Registry regarding the loss, destruction or absence of registry records and affidavits of two (2) disinterested persons who have knowledge of such birth and parentage of the applicant
  • Barangay (with no derogatory record) or Police or NBI Clearance of the applicant
  • Latest payslip / Certificate of Pension (COP) and Income Tax Return (ITR) of the following:
    • If sponsor is parent, payslip / COP and ITR of both parents
    • If sponsor is sibling, payslip / COP and ITR of sponsor and both parents
  • PSA-certified Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) and Affidavit of No Child, if sponsor is sibling
  • Marriage Certificate of spouse (as applicable), if sponsor is former AFPSLAI Regular Member who is now deceased

Benefits and Privileges

  • Tuition / Matriculation / Other Fees
    • Not exceeding ₱30,000 per school term
    • Not exceeding ₱10,000 per summer/midyear, as required by the curriculum
  • Book Reimbursement
    • Not exceeding ₱2,000 per school term
  • Stipend
    • ₱4,000 per month
  • Board and Lodging Assistance
    • Not exceeding ₱2,000 per month (for those who are enrolled in a state college or university; only when necessary)
  • ROTC Incentive
    • ₱2,000 per month within the term where the ROTC Program was enrolled


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