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Scholarship and Educational Assistance Program (SEAP)

The AFPSLAI Scholarship and Educational Assistance Program caters to the dependents of AFPSLAI Regular Members or deceased former regular members who are in need of financial assistance to pursue and complete their tertiary education.

Qualifications of Sponsor

  • Must either be a:
    • Regular member of AFPSLAI; or
    • Deceased and former regular member of AFPSLAI
  • With an aggregate annual family income not exceeding ₱950,000
  • Sponsor (if not deceased) and spouse (if a member) must be in good standing with AFPSLAI

Qualifications of Applicant

  • Legitimate / Illegitimate or legally adopted child of married / unmarried sponsor
  • In the absence of children, legitimate / illegitimate or legally adopted brother or sister of single / unmarried sponsor
  • Must be an incoming first year, second year, and third year college student

General Benefits and Privileges

  • Tuition / Matriculation / Other Fees
    • Not exceeding ₱30,000 per school term
    • Not exceeding ₱10,000 per summer/midyear, as required in the curriculum
  • Book Reimbursement
    • Not exceeding ₱2,000 per school term
  • Stipend
    • ₱4,000 per month
  • Board and Lodging Assistance
    • Not exceeding ₱2,000 per month (for those who are enrolled in a state college or university; only when necessary)
  • ROTC Incentive
    • 2,000 per month within the term where the ROTC Program was enrolled

The SEAP provides two (2) distinct sub-programs which are:

  1. Scholarship and Apprenticeship Program
  2. Educational Grant Program

Scholarship and Apprenticeship Program (SAP)

  • This program is for applicants who intend to take business related baccalaureate courses such as the following academic disciplines: Business, Marketing, Economics, Finance, Social Sciences, Digital, and Data-related courses
  • Additional incentive of ₱3,000 per term is provided for scholars under this program who are able to maintain a GWA higher than 2.0.
  • Scholars under this program are expected to return to AFPSLAI after graduation to serve their bond and be employed as an apprentice for a period of no less than six (6) months to eleven (11) months.

Educational Grant Program (EGP)

  • This program is for applicants taking up non-business related baccalaureate courses
  • Apprenticeship is not required nor is guaranteed after graduation of the grantees under this program


    Q: Can a grantee have another scholarship grant together with his/her AFPSLAI grant?
    A: While a grantee of AFPSLAI, he/she should not be a recipient of any grants from other institutions except if scholarship/discounts are provided by the school, usually as a result of meeting certain requirements/qualifications (e.g. Dean's lister, etc.).

    Q: Do you accept documents that are NSO certified (e.g. Birth Certificate, etc.)?
    A: Documents such as Birth Certificate must already be Philippine Statistics Agency (PSA) certified. NSO certified documents are not acceptable.

    Q: Once an applicant has met all the requirements and has submitted all the documents needed, is he/she already guaranteed of a slot in the program?
    A: Submission of complete documentary requirements before the set deadline does not guarantee a slot in the program as all applications will be subject to assessment of the Academic Committee and slots will be filled up based on existing criteria as stipulated in the policy.

    Q: My brother/sister was a grantee of AFPSLAI before. If I will apply for the program, will I still be considered?
    A: The program only allows one (1) grantee per sponsor/family, hence, you are no longer eligible/qualified for the program.


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