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The AFPSLAI ATM ID Card shall serve as AFPSLAI’s Identification Card and provides you the features of an Automated Teller Machine (ATM).


  • Balance Inquiry
  • Fast Cash
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Mini Statement
  • PIN Change


Initial issuance Php 100.00
Damaged card Php 100.00
Lost / Stolen card Php 100.00
Replacement card Php 100.00
Expired card FREE


Maximum Single Withdrawal Php 20,000.00
Minimum Single Withdrawal Php 100.00
Total Daily Withdrawal Php 100,000.00
Daily Withdrawal Count per card 5 times


  1. Your initial 6-digit PIN can be found at the back of your ATM ID card.
  2. For your protection, please change immediately the initial 6-digit default PIN of your card. At the AFPSLAI ATM, go to “More” option to change PIN.
  3. Never share your PIN or give your AFPSLAI ATM ID card to anyone.
  4. Keep your AFPSLAI ATM ID card safe at all times.
  5. Your card is valid for five (5) years.
  6. In case of lost or stolen card, contact us immediately.
  7. AFPSLAI ATM ID card is available and can be used at any of the following Branch Offices:

    • Aguinaldo
    • Baguio
    • Bonifacio
    • Clark
    • Crame
    • Isabela
    • Legazpi
    • Lucena
    • Manila
    • Palawan
    • Rizal
    • Sangley
    • Tarlac
    • Bacolod
    • Bohol
    • Butuan
    • Cagayan de Oro
    • Catbalogan
    • Cebu
    • Cotabato
    • Davao
    • Tagum
    • General Santos
    • Iloilo
    • Pagadian
    • Tacloban
    • Zamboanga
    • Calamba (soon)
    • Ilocos Sur (soon)
    • Cagayan (soon)
    • Dumaguete (soon)
    • Kidapawan (soon)


  1. Prepare ATM card before approaching the ATM located at different AFPSLAI Branch Offices.
  2. If possible, always have someone with you when you go to an ATM.
  3. Stay alert. Observe the area for any irregular activity and make sure no suspicious individual is lurking around the ATM.
  4. Check the ATM. Inspect the machine carefully, especially the keypad and card slot. If something looks suspicious, do not use the ATM and report immediately to the branch.
  5. Keep your PIN secure. Your PIN is the most important security measure of your account. Never share your PIN with anyone. Have your PIN memorized. Cover the ATM keypad as you enter your PIN.
  6. Count your cash privately once dispensed from the ATM terminal.
  7. Keep records of your transaction. This will help in the monitoring of all transactions in your account to know which are legit and which are questionable.
  8. Do not ask help from strangers. If you have concerns, ask help from any of our personnel or contact the AFPSLAI ATM Hotline for assistance at the following nmbers:

    PLDT: (02) 8250 4667
    Smart: 0998 848 5713
                 0947 994 3285
    Globe: 0917 841 8068
                 0917 842 5650

  9. Do not forget to take with you your card and your receipt


Q: Who can avail the AFPSLAI ATM ID Card?

A: Regular and Associate members with a primary account can apply for an AFPSLAI ATM ID Card. This card automatically links both Capital Contribution Account (CCA) and one (1) Savings Deposit Account (SDA). However, the member has the option to unlink one of his/her account, either CCA or SDA.

Q: What is ATM Withdrawal?

A: ATM withdrawal is the easiest way to obtain cash from your enrolled CCA/SDA using the ATM

Q: Is there a fee for using ATM withdrawal service?

A: There is no service charge when transacting in AFPSLAI ATMs.

Q: How can I withdraw my balance in AFPSLAI ATM?


  • Insert AFPSLAI ATM ID Card to Card Bin of the ATM Terminal.
  • Input the PIN registered to your ATM card, then choose withdrawal transaction
  • Select “Yes” if you want a printed receipt, otherwise select “No”
  • Choose where account to withdraw, Current Account for CCA while Savings Account for SDA.
  • Enter Desired Amount then wait for the cash to be dispensed

Q: Can I use the ATM card in any ATM terminals?

A: Currently, the ATM facility is on its Phase 1 or “On-Us” wherein transactions can only be made on AFPSLAI ATM terminals. Soon, the Phase 2 of the project will enable the cards to access any Bancnet terminals.

Q: Is it possible to view my Statement of Account or print receipt in the ATM Terminal?

A: Yes, this is possible. You may inquire your last five (5) transactions by choosing Mini Statement on the ATM Terminal. You can also have your CCA & SDA Passbook updated through over-the-counter at any of the AFPSLAI branches.

Q: What if I lost my AFPSLAI ATM ID Card?

A: You should immediately call the AFPSLAI Customer Care Hotline or report it to the nearest branch to block the card. Once blocked, you must coordinate with AFPSLAI Branch for card replacement, subject to submission of required documents (Affidavit Of Loss and two (2) valid IDs).

Q: What must I do if I forgot my AFPSLAI ATM ID card PIN?

A: You may request for the resetting and re-issuance of PIN thru the AFPSLAI Branch. You may also contact at the following numbers:

PLDT: (02) 8250 4667
Smart: 0998 848 5713
             0947 994 3285
Globe: 0917 841 8068
             0917 842 5650

Q: What is the validity of the AFPSLAI ATM ID?

A: The validity of the card is indicated on the card.