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AFPSLAI Condonation Program

The AFPSLAI Condonation Program is being offered to qualified member-borrowers to help them settle their past due or non-performing loans. It allows a waiver of additional interests and penalties with lighter payment terms, subject to evaluation.


Condonation Request Form (CRF) – Duly signed by the requesting member-borrower

Note: AFPSLAI may require additional documents to support the validity of request on a case-by-case basis.


  1. Member-borrower proceeds to the Loan Section of any AFPSLAI Branch Office to request for his/her Loan Balance Sheet.
  2. Member-borrower fills out the Condonation Request Form (CRF).
  3. Loan Staff receives the CRF to be endorsed to the Remedial Asset Management Office (RAMO) for evaluation.
  4. Upon evaluation, RAMO endorses the approved condonation request to the concerned branch office.
  5. Branch Office contacts the requesting member-borrower to inform the approval of his/her condonation request.
  6. Member-borrower to proceed to the branch office where he/she applied the condonation request and will choose his/her mode of payment depending on his/her paying capability.


Q: Where can I file my application for the condonation program?

A: You may apply for loan condonation at any AFPSLAI Branch nearest you.

Q. Can a member send a representative to file an application on his behalf?

A: Yes. The authorized representative must provide a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) and valid government-issued IDs for verification.

Q: What are the acceptable modes of payment for approved condonation requests?

A: The following are the acceptable modes of payment:

  • Full settlement in cash or deduction from retirement / commutation benefits
  • Loan renewal (restructuring, salary/pension deduction, combination of cash and re-structuring)
  • Six months installment (over-the-counter, post-dated checks and bank deposit through Banco de Oro)

Q: What is the maximum term for installment?

A: The maximum term for installment is six (6) months. If the member fails to settle the full payment within the said period, additional interest will be added to the remaining balance.

Note: The interest rate per succeeding month will be based on the applicable rate at the time the loan was granted.

Q: Can a member-borrower request for condonation for the second time?

A: No. Condonation can only be availed once in the lifetime of his/her membership with AFPSLAI.

Q: How long will it take for a borrower to know the status of his/her condonation request?

A: Borrower will be notified within 15 calendar days from the receipt of request.

Q: Where can a member inquire regarding the status of the filed condonation?

A: You may reach us at (632) 8913-78-90 (landline) or at 0906-415-3915/0929-392-8026 (mobile).