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  1. Member proceeds to Membership Section.
  2. Member fills out Member Update Form and Specimen Signature Card (SSC).
  3. Member presents valid IDs and submits one (1) 2x2 picture.


  1. 3 valid government-issued IDs
  2. 1 pc 2x2 recent photo
  3. Other supporting documents for changes on information (if any) such as but not limited to:
    • marriage certificate – for change in marital status or last name;
    • birth certificate – for changes in name or birth details



  1. Members will send an email to the Branch Office Support Services Group (BOSSG) at bossg@afpslai.com.ph and attaches the requirements for updating. (Please see below).
  2. BOSSG staff will forward the requirements to Membership Staff of Aguinaldo Branch.
  3. Membership Staff provides BOSSG the list of all documents required for the member to update his/her membership/
  4. Membership Section of Aguinaldo Branch will send an email confirming the receipt of documents and the details on where to send the original documents via post mail.
  5. Member to accomplish all the required documents and send the original documents to the Membership Section of Aguinaldo Branch via post mail.


  1. Photo of a handwritten or printed letter requesting for the MMS122 form, signed by the member/s
  2. Photo of three (3) valid government-issued IDs with signature or thumb mark (details are legible) – photo of front and back of ID if the signature or thumb mark is at the back
  3. Proof of life - photo of member holding latest newspaper (showing the front page and date)


Q: Why do I have to update my membership data, signature card, and/or AFPSLAI ID?
A:In compliance with BSP regulations, AFPSLAI policies regarding the updating of documents/records include the following:

  • Mandatory updating every three (3) years
  • Changes in personal information (e.g. civil status)
  • Changes in home address, rank, and/or contact number
  • Changes in signature due to the physical circumstance of the member

Q: I am disabled and could no longer write. How can I update my signature?
A: You can affix your thumb mark on a new SSC in the presence of a regular AFPSLAI employee. This must be supported with medical certificate indicating that you could no longer write.

Q: I am residing abroad. How can I update my membership records?
A: Our Branch Operations Support Services Group (BOSSG) is in-charge of facilitating the submission of documents related to updating of membership through non-appearance (without personally appearing in the AFPSLAI Branch Office). Just send your scanned documents via email at bossg@afpslai.com.ph and post mail the originally signed Update Form (MMS122) to any AFPSLAI Branch nearest you.