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CASH LOAN (Capital Contribution and Savings Deposit Hybrid loan)


  • Open to all AFPSLAI Regular and Associate Members who have available balances in their principally owned or co-owned deposit accounts.
  • 95% of available Capital Contribution / Savings Deposit / Time Deposit balance
  • 12 months – 5.80%
  • 24 months – 6.62%
  • 36 months – 6.85%
  • 48 months – 7.10%
  • 60 months – 7.25%

Interest rate for other loan terms such as 6 months and 18 months shall be the rate applicable to the next higher loan term.

  • Capital Contribution / Savings Deposit monthly balance offsetting
  • Duly accomplished loan application form
  • Copy of passbook(s) to be used as collateral
  • Government-issued valid photo ID/AFPSLAI ID of the borrower. Copy of the ID of the co-depositor shall be required only when the loan shall be guaranteed by an account co-owned by the borrower.

Q: How many CASH loans can a member avail of?
A: A member can avail as many CASH Loans as his account collateral could cover.

Q: What accounts may be used as collateral?
A: Capital Contribution Account (CCA-001), Savings Deposit Account (SD-002), SD Remittance Account (SD-016) and Time Deposit Account. Default principal source of payment is SD-002. In case SD-002 balance is not enough, offsetting shall be effected using the following order of hierarchy:

  1. Other SD accounts (SD-02; SD016)
  2. CCA-001 (Capital Contribution Account)
  3. Designated collateral account coowned by the borrower

Q: Can withdrawals be made from this account?
A: Over-the-counter withdrawals are allowed subject to the maintenance of at least Php 1,000. AFPSLAI reserves the right to require a 3-day notice in writing by the member of his intention to make withdrawal from the account specifying when withdrawal is supposed to be made and the amount to be withdrawn.

Q: Can I use an account as collateral even if I am only a co-depositor?
A: Yes, however, it would require prior consent /signature of the principal account owner.

Q: When will the monthly amortization be deducted from my account(s)?
A: Account offsetting shall be automatically effected every 27th of the month, following receipt of proceeds.

Q: Can I pay for the loan in full before its maturity date?
A: Early payment of the loan in full is allowed, and is exempted from the application of pre-termination fee.

Q: Can we make over-the-counter payments?
A: Over-the-counter payment shall only be allowed if the loan will be paid in full. Partial payments to fast-track account settlement will not be allowed.

Q: Is this loan covered by Credit Redemption Insurance (CRI)?
A: This being a loan duly covered by available deposits, CRI is not required

Q: Can we renew the loan before its maturity date?
A: Loan renewal is allowed after paying off 20% of the original loan balance.

CASHL Calculator
Loanable Amount
Loan Term
Monthly Amortization


To know your monthly amortization:
  1. Enter your desired loan amount.
  2. Select the number of years you want to amortize your loan.
  3. Click “COMPUTE” to know your monthly amortization or “RESET” to clear entries.
To know how much loan you can avail:
  1. Enter your preferred amount of monthly amortization.
  2. Select the number of years you want to amortize your loan.
  3. Click “COMPUTE” to know your loan amount or “RESET” to clear entries.

Please note that the computation above is only indicative. You may call us or visit any AFPSLAI Branch nearest you for the actual details.