Benefits of an AFPSLAI Member


You gain competitive dividend rates on your Capital Contribution Account (CCA) and earn high interests on your Savings Deposits Account (SDA), TAX FREE!

You are assured of the safety of your investments due to the stability of AFPSLAI

You have the privilege to avail of AFPSLAI's wide array of loan products to meet your financial needs.

You get greater value for your money as AFPSLAI offers competitive interest rates for all its loan products.

You get convenience in transacting with 27 Branch Offices and 46 Satellite Offices strategically located nationwide.

AFPSLAI is manned by highly competent Management Team and professional staff who are commited in providing you with the best quality service you deserve.

AFPSLAI goes beyond savings and loans. It also creates programs that will help uplift the welfare of its members and their family.

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