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Pursuant to Article XI, Section 4 of the amended AFPSLAI By-Laws and its implementing rules and regulations (as approved by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas on January 29, 2021), existing regular members who have been separated from service or employment by reason of resignation shall be allowed to retain their membership provided they meet the minimum number of years in service or employment and such other terms and conditions as may be fixed and determined by the Board of Trustees. Failure to satisfy said terms and conditions shall be ground for termination of their membership in the Association.

Based on our records, several members no longer in active military/police/civilian service do not have service records that would show whether they meet the required service/employment tenure to be allowed to continue AFPSLAI membership. The following are the affected members:

Subject of Termination Scheduled Effective Date of Termination List of Members due for Termination
Regular Members separated from service/employment (Batch 1) Not later than end of June 2023 Click here
Regular Members separated from service/employment (Batch 2) Not later than end of June 2024 Click here
Regular Members separated from service/employment (Batch 3) Click here

We advise the members whose names appear in the list to immediately visit any AFPSLAI Branch or Satellite Office to submit the following necessary documents to update their records not later than the scheduled effective date of termination:

  • Valid Company / Service / Pensioner / Retiree ID or any 2 valid government-issued photo IDs, one (1) 2x2 recent photo
  • Proof of eligibility:

    1. Retirement Order / Discharge Order / Resignation Order
    2. Service Record / Certificate of Employment
    3. Payslip / Statement of Earnings (if still in active service)

They may also render the necessary compliance through online means via email (bossg@afpslai.com.ph).

Failure to render the necessary compliance will result in the termination of membership of those included in the list. Termination of membership shall include the following consequences (Article XI, Sections 4 & 7 of the amended AFPSLAI By-Laws):

  • Extinguish all the rights of a member including the right to receive dividends on capital contribution, interest on savings and other similar deposits;
  • Extinguish the right to participate in the distribution of the net assets of the Association; and
  • Automatic termination of the associate membership of their dependent/s.

For more information, please visit any AFPSLAI Branch of Satellite Offices nearest you.

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