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Highlights of AFPSLAI’s 52nd Annual Membership Meeting

The 52nd Annual Membership Meeting (AMM) was held via hybrid setup on May 25, 2024 at the Tejeros Hall, AFP Commissioned Officers Country (AFPCOC), Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City and through online via Zoom. Regular members attended the meeting for the review of the Association’s accomplishments for the year 2023 through the President’s report; ratification of the acts and resolutions of the Board; approval of the proposed amendment to the By-Laws; and the election of the Board of Trustees for Y2024-2025.

In his welcome remarks, the AFP Chief of Staff and AFPSLAI Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Gen Romeo S Brawner Jr PA, proudly mentioned the accomplishments AFPSLAI has made, guided by the principles of initiative, innovation and integrity. These values have been instrumental in driving AFPSLAI forward and shaping its vision for the future. He proclaimed that through proactive initiative, the Association has demonstrated its commitment to meet the financial needs of its members. Through innovation, AFPSLAI has embraced change by introducing new products and services to deliver a seamless and modern banking experience to all members. He further assured the members that AFPSLAI’s commitment to integrity remains unwavering, with its ethical practices and transparency being recognized by esteemed organizations. Overall, he asserted that AFPSLAI is not just a financial association, but a community united by shared values and a common vision.

The message of Gen Brawner Jr was followed by the Report of the President & CEO, VAdm Gaudencio C Collado Jr PN (Ret), who presented the Association’s financial and operational performance for the year 2023. Some of the highlights of his report are the Annual Dividend Rate of 18.5% for the year, increase in ALMS benefit, CSR programs, and rebates amounting to Php 1 billion, which will be released to qualified memberborrowers in July. He also proudly informed the attendees that the Association made significant stride in enhancing the efficiency of services through technology such as the ATM, Online Appointment Portal, Customer Care Center, and enhanced AFPSLAI Mobile App. He also mentioned about the renovation of our offices and the opening of new satellite offices in 2024. He ended his message by thanking the members, workforce, Management, and the Board of Trustees for all the unwavering trust and support, and ultimately the Lord Almighty for His unfailing love and overflowing abundance to AFPSLAI.

At the end of the meeting, major cash prizes were raffled off, while minor cash prizes were pre-drawn the day before the meeting. Said prizes will be deposited to the Savings Deposit Account of the winning members who will be notified via e-mail and SMS.

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