Alternative Method of Authenticating Special Power of Attorney (SPA) and other Public Documents

Pursuant to the accession of the Philippines to the Hague Convention (commonly known as “The Apostille Convention”), AFPSLAI shall now accept public documents with apostille certification to replace legalization or consular authentication of foreign public documents. The public documents, however, must be executed by the authorities of the Apostille-contracting countries and territories. Else, the previous process of legalization or consular authentication shall apply.

Public documents shall refer to Special Powers of Attorney (SPAs); General Powers of Attorney; Affidavits; Deeds; Contracts; Assignments; Certificates of Birth, Marriage or Death; and other official documents.

An apostilled SPA shall now be allowed for the following AFPSLAI transactions if made thru an authorized representative:

  • Withdrawals in excess of Php 50,000 or even below Php 50,000 if without withdrawal slip or if the slip is not properly filled out
  • Claim of termination proceeds
  • Request for bank certificates and statements of accounts
  • Passbook replacement (loss/filled-up)
  • Request for account conversion (single to joint or vice versa; additional/deletion of co-depositor)

An apostilled SPA shall be valid for twenty-four (24) months from the date of acknowledgement, except if to be used for AFP Pension Accounts as the term shall be determined by the AFP Finance Center.

For an updated list of Apostille-contracting countries and their competent authorities, please visit this link:

Please be guided accordingly.

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