Pursuant to BSP Circular 993, and the AFPSLAI By-Laws (Section 1, Article III and Sections 5 & 7, Article XI) and its implementing rules and regulations, AFPSLAI shall be terminating the membership of the following members:

Subject of Termination Scheduled Effective Date of Termination List of Members due for Termination
Members without eligibility documents and unsigned Membership Update Form January 26, 2021 Click here
Members without eligibility documents January 31, 2022 Click here

Those classified as ineligible members should submit the following documents to the nearest AFPSLAI Branch Office not later than the scheduled effective date of termination to avoid membership termination:

Acceptable Documents as Applicable
Member Identification
  • Valid Service ID/Pensioner/Retiree ID or any 2 valid government-issued photo IDs
  • Regular Members
  • Appointment Order (for active police/military)
  • Retirement Order/ Declaration of Legal Beneficiary (for retired military/pensioner)
  • Appointment Order or Certification from Admin/ HR/ Personnel Affairs Offices for Civilian Employees or equivalent      documents
  • Associate Members
  • Copy of birth certificate (child)/marriage contract (spouse)
  • Certificate of Pension/PVAO Pension ID
  • Members whose membership was terminated may apply for readmission and shall be treated as new applicants for membership, subject to the same terms and conditions applicable to newly-admitted AFPSLAI members.

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